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Ways of Working with Aboriginal People

Ways of Working with Aboriginal People Training
Ways of Working with Aboriginal People Training

Ways of Working with Aboriginal people is a two-part course focusing on delivering specialised cultural awareness training that meet the needs of the alcohol and other drugs, mental health and wider community services sector.

The training build capacity for staff in the sectors to develop and increase individuals and organisation's capacity to work more effectively in culturally secure ways with Aboriginal people and inclusive of Aboriginal workers. See below a short break down of the specific trainings:

Ways of Working Part One

Part one is knowledge and theory based and outlines topics such as, Aboriginal diversity, Aboriginal history, oppression and internalised oppression and they role they play in today’s context. Aboriginal people’s holistic view on AOD use, mental health and the concept of social and emotional wellbeing as well as the Aboriginal inner spirit. Aswell as relevant closing the gap targets, statistics and Aboriginal empowerment.

What to expect:

  • Aboriginal peoples' lives before, during and after colonisation
  • An overview of historical events in Aboriginal history
  • Aboriginal Diversity & cultural groups
  • Internalised and External Oppression
  • Understanding oppression and how to challenge it
  • Developing cultural competencies
  • Building a stronger future for Aboriginal peoples

Ways of Working Part Two

Part two contains a range of practical models, videos and activities detailing Aboriginal ways of counselling, Aboriginal health point of views, relationship building, and issues faced by Aboriginal people in a clinical setting. The training is underpinned by concepts of social and emotional wellbeing and less theory based than part one.

What to expect:

  • Skill based with a clinical focus
  • An introduction to Aboriginal ways of counselling
  • How to establish rapport (including skills rehearsal)
  • Using Aboriginal AOD models for culturally secure assessment
  • Aboriginal ways of establishing rapport
  • Strong Spirit Strong Mind Story Telling Cards and
  • Skill building activities to build confidence

To register for these trainings, follow this link. Please note part two is not available unless participants have undertaken part one additionally, the training days are not run consecutively. These trainings are limited and fill up quickly - if there are no sessions available, please keep an eye out as they are released on a semester-by-semester basis.

Training 1
Training 2
More Information

For more information, or to express your interest in attending this training program, please register on MHC's training calendar.

We are contactable here: contact us for further enquiries.

*Please note that travel and accommodation are the participant's responsibility and the two days will not be concurrent.