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Strong Spirit Strong Mind

Mental Health

inner spirit

Aboriginal Inner Spirit Model

Our inner spirit is the centre of our being and emotions.

When our spirit feels strong our mind feels strong.

When our spirit feels tangled our mind feels tangled.

Strong inner spirit is what keeps people healthy and keeps them connected together.

Strong inner spirit keeps our family strong, our community strong and our country alive.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Due to the diversity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,
the concept of mental health is very complex.

The term social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) is the preferred term as it refers to the physical wellbeing of the individual and also the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of the whole community.

This definition recognises the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community.


Extended family line
Yarning about your SEWB

If you are thinking about improving your mental health, you might need some further support or information.
Sometimes people don't get help because they feel shame talking about their wellbeing.
This can be a difficult time, but your family, friends and other people in your community can help you.
You can also speak to your local doctor, a psychologist or counsellor or another health professional.