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Strong Spirit Strong Mind


Inner Spirit Model

Our inner spirit is the centre of our being and emotions.
When our spirit feels strong our mind feels strong.
When our spirit feels tangled our mind feels tangled.
Strong inner spirit is what keeps people healthy and keeps them connected together.
Strong inner spirit keeps our family strong, our community strong and our country alive.
Alcohol and other drugs can tangle your spirit and weaken your spirit and your connections with family, community and country.

Elders yarning
Getting help and information

If you are thinking about reducing your drug use you might like some help or information.

If you are worried about somebody and how their drug use is affecting you and your family, perhaps you would like some help.

It may not be easy reducing your drug use but your friends, family and other people in your community can support you to make changes.

If you would like further information, please head to our services and support page.