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The Growing Brain

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The Growing Brain - Gunja Campaign

The Growing Brain campaign aims to prevent and delay gunja use among 14 to 24-year-olds in WA.

Gunja can impact a young person's developing brain - affecting memory, learning, social and emotional wellbeing. The risk increases the younger a person starts using gunja, the more they use, and the more often they use.

Research shows people who start using gunja at an early age are more likely to leave school early, develop dependence on gunja, experience social and emotional wellbeing, including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide and weaken their inner spirit.

Young people in WA have said they want factual information about the risks associated with using gunja.

'The Growing Brain' campaign is part of the Drug Aware program that aims to prevent, delay and reduce drug use and related harm by providing evidence-based information to help young people in WA make informed decisions about illicit drugs.

For more information on gunja, see our gunja webpage.


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